Camino is the first omnichannel-native agency for healthcare

In 2023, your audiences expect better medical communications.

Camino gives your audiences the right content, in the right format, at the right time.

Our omnichannel-native approach to delivering your projects ensures more meaningful engagement and measurable success.

what we do


    Connect with your audiences to meet their needs and your product’s promise

    Make high science accessible and relevant to drive compelling storytelling

    Embed omnichannel expertise to elevate every campaign and interaction

    Delight your audiences using generative AI for digital experiences

    Expert-led scientific exchange, whether hybrid, online or in-person

Omnichannel is not just a digital challenge, it’s a mindset change.

At Camino, our approach is built with this mindset, so that everything we deliver is RELEVANT for your audience and your strategy; CONNECTED within a personalised user journey; and MEASURABLE to a defined outcome.


  • Deep scientific insights shape strategy, always respecting healthcare compliance

  • Agile methods to ensure scientific excellence and relevance in an ever-evolving environment

  • Start small, listen, and respond to metrics to deliver lasting impact

  • Drive innovation and efficiency based on deep digital expertise in pharma

  • Use traditional and novel technologies to enhance engagement in hybrid meetings


"We need to be using omnichannel… by Yesterday!”

When a client asked us to develop their global omnichannel strategy, we knew there was much to do, but timelines were very short. We started with one brand and adapted existing channels and approved content to align with audience format preferences, and embedded detailed metrics. Taking an iterative approach proved the omnichannel strategy and was the successful blueprint for further brands.

"Why don't our teams use the materials?"

Content needs to tell a compelling and consistent story, regardless of the channel or format. One of our UK client's field team struggled with choices and direction. We developed a blended program, which built confidence in communicating impactful medical narratives. The training evolved over time, collecting valuable feedback to enhance subsequent programme iterations.

"Do we need to build one HCP platform for all our customers?"

Our European client's focus on website technology overshadowed the target audiences' needs, leading to minimal engagement. To address this, we revamped the User Experience, delivering educational content through user-friendly video and audio formats. Intuitive links to detailed information empowered users to personalize their experience. The metrics revealed significantly higher engagement compared to competitors.