Camino is the first omnichannel-native agency for healthcare

In 2023, the approach to medical communications must transform to meet audiences’ needs for scientific content. Camino creates agile campaigns with modular content, delivers personalised engagement pathways, and responds to data; our omnichannel-native approach.

what we do


    Deliver on your product’s promise and meet healthcare needs

    Make high science accessible to drive compelling storytelling

    Create impactful and memorable interactions with standout design

    Innovate across web, experiential, and third-party channels

    Facilitate meaningful scientific exchange; hybrid, online and in-person

Omnichannel means being all about the audience - right content, right format, right time.

At Camino, we do everything you’d expect, but we maximise insights, metrics and connectivity to create OMNICHANNEL SCIENTIFIC JOURNEYS that deliver for your audiences.


  • Deep scientific insights shape strategy, always respecting healthcare compliance

  • Agile methods to ensure scientific excellence and relevance in an ever-evolving environment

  • Start small, listen, and respond, using advanced metrics to deliver lasting impact

  • Drive innovation and efficiency using AI-supported design and writing

  • Augmented-reality experiences to enhance engagement in hybrid meetings


"We need to be using omnichannel… by Yesterday!”

When a client asked us to develop their global omnichannel strategy, we knew there was much to do, but timelines were also very short. We started with one brand and used existing channels and approved content, but adapted these to audience format preferences, with detailed success measures in place. Taking an iterative approach proved the omnichannel strategy and was the right blueprint for further brands.

"Why don't our teams use the materials?"

Content needs to tell a clear and consistent story, regardless of the channel or format. One of our UK clients found their field team was confused by too many choices and too little direction. We developed an internal training programme, with blended delivery to build confidence in communicating medical narratives that resonated with HCPs. The training expanded over time and allowed us to collect feedback on what was working internally and externally, which we then fed into the next iteration of the programme.

"Do we need to build a metaverse HCP platform?"

These days, it seems everyone is building a platform for HCPs to act as the centre of their online ecosystem, but they often fail to meet expectations. Our European client found themselves focussing on the technology and forgetting the target audiences' needs. So, we re-worked the User Experience of the site, delivering educational content in simple video and audio formats, with clear links to more in-depth information, allowing users to personalise their experience. The metrics show this had much greater engagement than the competition.